What is the difference between all the lengths and weights? 

The only difference is you! Really, the grams are in reference to the weight and thickness of the hair. The more grams of hair you have, the more thickness and volume you’ll create with your finished look. The length, starting at 18 inches and going to 22 inches. With 18 inches 120 you get a more light and fine look. 20 inches 160 grams is more mid-length and thickness. 22 inches and 220 grams is our longest look and thickest.

How many clip-ins come per bundle? 

Each bundle comes with 10 pieces and has 22 clips total.

1 x 8 inches piece (4 clips attached per piece)

1 x 7 inches piece (4 clips attached per piece)

2 x 6 inches pieces (3 clips attached per piece)

2 x 4 inches pieces (2 clips attached per piece)

4 x 1.5 inches pieces (1 clips attached per piece)

Where do you ship from? 

We ship from USA & Canada

I ordered the wrong color! What can I do? 

Tricky Hair has a 30 day return policy! Yes, you have 30 days from the time of purchase to return your extensions for any  reason. All we ask is that you return them unopened and in their original packaging. To help process your return, please e-mail us at help@trickyhair.com

How do I know which color to choose? 

We’ve got a whole blog post designed to help you out. Click here

 How long does my hair have to be in order to use Tricky Hair extensions? 

We recommend that your hair be at least 6 inches in length, to allow for appropriate coverage of clips at your roots, and for better blending results. You are most certainly welcome to try Tricky Hair Extensions on shorter lengths, though.

Can I dye my Tricky Hair extensions? 

Tricky Hair Extensions are made with the highest quality, 100% virgin human hair. You can treat it just like you would your own hair. For maximum value and style, we cannot recommend that you color Tricky Hair Extensions. We are not responsible for any damage that occurs as a result of using hair dye on your Tricky Hair Extensions.

Can I use heat tools on my Tricky Hair Extensions? 

Absolutely! Your Tricky Hair clip-ins are an extension of your own personal style. Feel free to flat iron, curl wand, and blow dry your extensions. We just recommend using a heat protection cream, serum, or spray prior to styling.

Can my Tricky Hair extensions be washed? 

Yes they can, and we absolutely recommend that you wash them gently from time to time. Click here to learn more about how to properly care for your Tricky Hair extensions. Click here

How long do Tricky Hair extensions last? 

Because Tricky Hair Extensions are 100% virgin human hair extensions of the highest quality, they can last for up to or well over a year with proper care. With moderate care, your extensions will last at least six months.

Why are my Tricky Hair Extensions shedding? 

Some shedding is normal when it comes to clip-in extensions. You can minimize shedding by adopting a healthy care regimen for your clip-ins that minimizes damage from styling. Do not cleanse your extensions more than once per week, and be sure to use wide-tooth combs and gentle brushes to remove tangles. If you are experiencing more than normal shedding, please contact help@trickyhair.com