How to Pick The Right Color for Your Hair Extensions

The best hair extensions are the ones that don’t look like extensions at all. The secret to great extensions is two-fold: great quality hair, and a great color match. We’ve got you covered on the quality end at Tricky Hair, so let’s talk matching color. Get the best color blend for your extensions in three easy steps:


Match Colors from Mid-Shaft to End
Our hair naturally lightens with sun exposure and age. In order to choose an extension color that most closely matches your own, use the length from the mid-point to ends of your hair as your guide. Since extensions are secured at the root, the only visible part will be what extends beyond the length of your own hair. Selecting your color based on the mid-point to ends will ensure a seamless transition between your own hair and the extensions.


DIY Dye Job
High quality hair extensions like ours at Tricky Hair are 100% human hair, and can be treated like your own. Unlike synthetic hair extensions, human hair extensions can be dyed and will transform just like your own hair when colored. You can dye your extensions to match your own hair, or take a bold step forward and dye all of your hair and the extensions a whole new color! (Although we highly recommend that you don’t color your hair extensions because only hair color professionals with many years of experience can successfully do this.)


If your extensions are a little lighter in color than your own hair, aim to blend them throughout your hair to give the appearance of highlights. To finish the seamless blended look, flat iron or curl your extensions and hair together for a more natural look.

Tricky Hair’s high quality extensions are 100% human hair clip-ins that will add volume and length to your own hair. If you purchase Tricky Hair extensions and are unable to match your color, you have 365 days to return them, guaranteed!*


*restrictions apply. Please see our Refund Policy for more information.